For more than 19 years, we are your partner for dimensional measuring technology: Our product range varies from simple venier calipers to automated measuring projectors, all measuring tools you need for quality assurance & production.

In the warehouse at our head office near Stuttgart (Germany) we keep more than 5000 products to ensure a fast shipment. But we also can offer measuring tools with customized dimensions, laser engravings or individual measuring solutions.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and produce our own products in Germany. Measuring tools from other well-known manufacturers complete our product range. And all these we offer traditionally low priced. All measuring tools can optionally be bought with calibration certificate (the calibration is carried out by an independant accredited partner laboratory). If desired also with DAkkS calibration certificate!

Following products are included in our product range (catalogue is available at the page “Downloads”):
calipers, depth calipers, micrometers, micrometer heads, dial gauges, bench center, dial test indicators, thickness gauges, caliper gauges, internal micrometers, internal measuring instruments, height gauges, marking calipers, centering angles, scribers, wing dividers, rulers, precision squares, knife edge squares, straight edges, protractors, inclinometers, gauge blocks (single or sets), planar glasses, pin gauges (single or sets), limit plug gauges, caliper gauges, setting rings, thread gauges M (standard or fine), EG-mod., UNC/UNF/UNEF, UN/UNS, UNJC/UNJF, Whitworth G, BSW/BSF, NPT/NPTF, Pg, Tr, keyway limit gauges, radius gauges, angle gauges, feeler gauges, welding seam gauges, edge finder, Z-zero setter, centre indicator, holder for measuring tools, measuring tables, stands, hard stone measuring plates, magnetic measuring stands, precision bench vices, V-blocks, parallel supports, sine bars, measuring tool sets, loupes, measuring loupes, magnifying lamps, microscopes, digital microscopes, measuring microscopes, tools for optical measuring technology, illumination: LED swan neck, ring lights, bottom lights, profile projectors, measuring projectors and many other measuring tools…